Author by Mr. Simon Amasa

Language: French


J'APPRENDS LE FRANҪAIS PREFACE This book J'apprends le Français is an outstanding product of years of teaching experience both in the formal and non-formal settings. The authors are prolific in their field of endeavours. That is why the content is presented in simple but standard French for the reach of learners at any level of education. The simple dialogues depict day to day real life situations. The down-to-earth explanation, coupled with relevant examples and exercises attest to the fact that, indeed, it is a must read material for learners who want to excel in the French language. As a guide to astute readers, the book has been patterned in chapters. Each chapter is independent yet interwoven. The progression of the book is in spiral form- a kind of forward and backward movement. This is a deliberate attempt to make the book highly comprehensible. The authors are fully aware of the existence of myriads of books aimed at meeting the yearnings of French learners. This book, J'apprends le Francais is neither out to replace them, nor does it exhaust the desires of the teaming learners, but it provides basic knowledge with which profound structures can be build. Undoubtedly, this constitutes one of the major distinctions with other books in the field. Finally, we will appreciate constructive criticisms and comments from colleagues. ABOLUWARIN S. A. ADISA A.S. AMASA S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors and the publisher wish to acknowledge our reference to the following works which were largely consulted in the process of producing this book: Oreste F. Pucciani et Jacqueline Hamel, Langue et Langage H,R&W ,Inc. 1967;Bérard Evelyne et al. Tempo 1, Méthode de français Didier : Paris, 1996 ;Berthet Annie et al. Alter ego ,Méthode de français Hachette : Paris, 2012.We especially thank our mentor Prof Kizito F.A for setting time to proof read the whole book. His comments, suggestions and corrections have been inestimable. We should also thank our colleagues in Babcock University, TASUED and Osun State University,Mr Salau K and Mr Wende O for criticizing some of the portions in the book. The major quality of this book is that, in a single volume, the student is introduced to a variety of grammatical concepts that he needs to have a mastery of the French language. We thank the President/Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of EAH and the Head of languages and literary studies in Babcock University for providing enabling environment for this book to see the light of the day. FOREWORD Undoubtedly, there are lots of books on the French language in Nigeria written Nigerian authors. This trend has put a limit to importation from outside the country, of books written by foreigners on the language. The publication of this book 'J'apprends le français' which covers many areas in the teaching and learning of Molière's language, is nothing but an increase in the number of books written by Nigerians on this language. One of the merits of this trend is the fact that learners of the language are made to feel at home with the language in that examples in it are drawn from their day-to-day living experience. 'J'apprends le Français' is a compilation of teaching experience of the authors which touches all aspects of the language, ranging from its basic grammatical parts as exemplified in the teaching of commonly used verbs in the language to the pronunciation of some sounds in this language. Texts chosen as comprehension passages treat some registers that are for specific and special purposes. Topics for essay writing are equally pertinent to the current trends and events in this world of modern technology, not only that, the grammatical exercises based on topics treated in each of the chapters of this book allow for out-of- school practice of the language. In other words, learners are availed of the opportunity to work on their own after school hours. To this end, this book is expected to be possessed by both students and teachers of french language at the secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Prof. Abayomi Kizito Folorunso.

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