A Modular-Arithmetic-Based Encryption Scheme

A Modular-Arithmetic-Based Encryption Scheme

Author by Dr. Samuel Okolie

Language: English


This paper considers a scenario in which a sender who holds a k-bit to k-bit trapdoor permutation f wants to transmit a message x to a receiver who holds the inverse permutation f-1; with the condition that encryption should require just one computation of f, decryption should require just one computation of f-1, the length of the enciphered text should be precisely k and the length n of the text x that can be encrypted is close to k. Our scheme takes the encryption of x to be f(rx), which is a simple probabilistic encoding of x. Assuming an ideal hash function and an arbitrary trapdoor permutation, we describe and prove secure a simple invertible enmesh scheme that is bit-optimal in that the length of the string x that can be encrypted by f(rx is almost k. Our scheme achieves semantic security, which implies adaptive chosenciphertext security and non-malleability

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