Internet Refrigerator -A typical Internet of Things (loT) Folasa

Internet Refrigerator -A typical Internet of Things (loT) Folasa

Author by Dr. Folasade Ayankoya

Journal/Publisher: Proceedings Of 3rd International Conference On Advances In Engineering Sciences And Applied Mathematics

Volume/Edition: 31

Language: English

Pages: 82 - 86


In a home the kitchen plays a major role in keeping the fannly alive and together, as the kitchen serves as the place where meals are prepared and also the meeting point where members of the family meet to eat. Amongs all the appliances or devices that are found in a kitchen, refrigerator is of great importance. This is due to the fact that the refrigerator house or keep intact food items that arc needed in the horne. Traditional refrigerators have been performing great task in preserving food items for a period of time, but there is need for more efficient ways of preserving and managing food items. With the innovations in technology came the Internet of Things (loT) where divers appliance are connected together courtesy the internet, home appliance inclusive. Internet Refrigerator, which is a typical loT also got innovated with the expectations to make life more convenient and comfortable by managing the kitchen more efliciently. It is expected to manage items or resources kept in it, save unnecessary cost, save food wastage, plan an organized menu, as well as organized shopping list. This research work looks at Internet Refrigerator as a typical lnternet of things, its components, benefits and challenges as well as its acceptability.


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