An Appraisal of Environmental Laws, Policy and Advocacy

An Appraisal of Environmental Laws, Policy and Advocacy

Author by Dr. Dorcas Odunaike

Language: English


It is commonly said that a man cannot rise above the environment in which he lives. However, many often forget that it is the environment one creates that turns around to define the future one desires. Therefore, if we truly want to see a positive change in the people, we must not only improve on their physical environments, but also on their ethical and sociological environments. It is in recognition of this that the United Nations inaugurated the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) through which it seeks to ensure environmental sustainability by integrating the principles of sustainable developments into policies and programmes of countries. The ultimate objective here is to a reverse of the loss of environmental resources. This paper sums-up the legal framework for ensuring adequate protection of the environment in Nigeria. This paper, thus, identifies such problems as the problem of securing compliance of environmental litigation and advocacy in Nigeria. It concludes by proffering solutions to these problems and with a case for ensuring that the environment is legally managed in a sustainable manner.

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