Enhancing Accountability in the School System for Improved Performance

Enhancing Accountability in the School System for Improved Performance

Author by Dr. Folajimi Festus Adegbie

Language: English


IBS Journal of Business Management and Development, Ile-Ife, 2011Volume I number 2 pp.388-398. Accountability has been a major challenge in the school systems especially in the tertiary institutions which are to base their operations on effectiveness and efficiency by employing their resources to achieve the corporate objectives. The issue of accountability is to enhance performance, prevent mismanagement and mishandling of school funds and facilities. The paper did analytical review of techniques and strategies of accountability. It was discovered that adequate and accurate record keeping, Regular financial and educational auditing, effective leadership, effective communication, adequate monitoring, control and evaluation, effective planning and supervision would result into accountability and transparency in the nation financial institutions. The paper concluded that accountability will lead to transparency and performance enhancement. The paper recommended adequate supervision, policies that will ensure the employment of resources, development of technical and professional skills, adequate and accurate keeping of financial records, effective leadership system, regular financial and educational auditing, strong strategic planning system.

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