Breach Data Feedback towards Apt Security Measures

Breach Data Feedback towards Apt Security Measures

Author by Prof. Adewale Adebayo

Journal/Publisher: Information And Knowledge Management

Volume/Edition: 4

Language: English

Pages: 83 - 91


Information is very paramount in our day-to-day lives. Information systems need to be secure in fulfilment of

their purposes. There have been failings in information security despite efforts to forestall them. Some needed

feedback could be gotten through the analysis of breach data, which the research addressed. Data set of breaches

on one of the leading repositories, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, for the period between November, 1st 2012 and

October, 31st 2013 was taken as a cluster and analysed. The analysis revealed that hacking was the most

prevalent breach mechanism followed by stolen or lost portable devices and insiders perpetrated more breaches.

Security efforts should focus more on perimeter and user device security and access control, especially in

medical organizations. Insights gained from the timely analysis of breach data can help deduce apt security


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