Introductory Information System and Information Security

Introductory Information System and Information Security

Author by Prof. Adewale Adebayo

Journal/Publisher: Babcock University Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 172


This book attempts to introduce information system and information security. It starts with the clear ideas or concepts of system, information, information system, and system development procedure. What makes an organisation, and appropriate application of information systems were then introduced. It continues by discussing hardware, software and data from the perspective of implementing information systems. It then addresses general characteristics of certain types of information system.

Safeguarding information system resources through a number of technology-based and human-based approaches were subsequently discussed. Network perimeter security, and intrusion detection and prevention systems were also introduced. Ethical and moral issues that arise for computer science professionals in practice and social context were also addressed.

A dull axe requires great strength; be wise and sharpen the blade (Ecclesiastes 10:10).

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