Youth, Parents and Tertiary Education: A Parental Guide for Excellence and Success

Youth, Parents and Tertiary Education: A Parental Guide for Excellence and Success

Author by Dr. Jonathan Nwosu

Journal/Publisher: Jamiro Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 194


The authors, with the right combination of scholars in the
field of education management, counseling and social work
have done marvelous work spanning eleven chapters of
critical discourse of the subject matter of parenting from the
cradle to the levels of adolescent engagement, providing
useful and practical case studies.
In chapter one, the child as a concept and typology was
robustly interrogated with useful tips on parenting offered
for the different age categories of children. In exploring the
psychological, cognitive and physical development of the
child, chapter two ventured into the home component as the
very first social and personal contact. The family
environment was set as protective zone against deviant
behaviors and was pictured as fountains of boundless love
for children with good upbringing.
Aside from the challenge of single parenting, it was
considered in chapter three the ten modular steps to what
makes a good University Student. In all of these, orientation
and attitude" bothering on class attendance, study and
examination as well as "the often neglected record keepirig
virtue stood with bold relief. This was followed by chapter
four discourse on University environment focusing on the
good and the not-so good news. Apart from arson and
" cultism, sexual violence forms a most significant aspect of
the crises of parenting at the tertiary level, with the perverse
variants as sexual harassment, rape, sexual exploration
leading to prostitution, homosexuality lesbianism, bestiality
and pornography taking a critical segment ofthe discussion.

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