Independent Game Development 1

Independent Game Development 1

Author by Mr. Ernest Onuiri

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Advance Research, Ijoar

Volume/Edition: 3

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 11


With the astronomic growth in the use of smartphones and sophisticated gadgets globally, it is no surprise that the owners of such devices install various software to proper utilize such devices. It is however interesting to find that almost all of the software and games that reside on such devices are of western origin. In recent times, the development of highend mobile devices and gaming consoles has made gaming an integral part of the human life across diverse cultures. It was therefore the aim of this research work to develop an independent game that would capture the attention and the cultural interest of the gaming market in sub-Saharan Africa as well as help raise awareness for the potentials inherent in the gaming industry, while at the same time fulfilling all the criteria of all good games such as entertainment and at the same time providing mental stimulation to the player. The game waterfall model was used in the development process because it offers better and fluid movement in the game creation process. In view of the foregoing, it was discovered that
the game creation process was one that required time and loads of manpower in order to accomplish the tedious task of developing a rich and exciting game.

Keywords: Mental Stimulation, Game, Independent Game, Software Development, Game Waterfall Model.

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