Biblical Study of ‘Dance in worship’ in the Old Testament”

Biblical Study of ‘Dance in worship’ in the Old Testament”

Author by Dr. Ucheawaji Josiah

Journal/Publisher: Insight Journal Of Religious Studies

Volume/Edition: 11

Language: English

Pages: 14 - 30


The question of whether or not the Bible supports dancing during Church worship remains unresolved. Amidst the contending views, many who argue in favor of the use of dance in worship make reference to the Old Testament (OT) for biblical support, particularly of King David and the Psalms. While dancing is not wrong in itself, because virtually everyone does in some ways, the crucial questions still remain: What does the Old Testament (OT) say concerning the place of dance in corporate worship? Was dancing part of biblical worship? What is the role of emotion in worship?

To properly establish whether or not dance was a part of worship in the OT, the study undertakes an exegetical and lexicographic analysis of the various usages of mahol and mehola; and other words that express the idea of 'dance or'dancing.

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