Assessment of coagulation profile in stored whole blood

Assessment of coagulation profile in stored whole blood

Author by Dr. Opeyemi.olufeyisola Adesina

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Life And Environmental Sciences

Volume/Edition: 11

Language: English

Pages: 698 - 700


This study assessed the coagulation profile(platelets, prothrombin, and partial thrombin time kaolin) in stored whole blood. Five millimeter of venous blood was collected from 15 blood donors into EDTA and sodium citrate bottles and analysis carried out in duplicate according to standard haematological procedure. The whole blood were stored at 4C., and duration of storage for the test were 0,6,12 and 24hours. The mean platelets count 0 hour was 213.5 × 10/9.,a progressive decrease was observed in the counts with duration of storage. In contrast, mean PT and PTTK values were 12.8+/1.5 and 42.0+/1.7 seconds at 0hours, with decrease in the value in prolonged duration of storage. In conclusion, the study revealed that prolonged storage affects coagulation profile of stored whole blood meant for transfusion purposes.     

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