Kant in Present Oncology Nursing Realities

Kant in Present Oncology Nursing Realities

Author by Dr. Chinomso Nwozichi

Journal/Publisher: Asia-pacific Journal Of Oncology Nursing

Volume/Edition: 5

Language: English

Pages: 285 - 289


Nursing as a discipline has consistently borrowed ideas from science and philosophy to establish reality and truth. To improve the care of patients with cancer, oncology nursing science must focus on areas of study that address relevant cancer care issues and have a major impact on people with cancer. This article attempted to explore the philosophical views of Immanuel Kant in relation to the present oncology nursing realities. The connections of the views of this philosopher as applied to modern cancer care were explored. The researchers attempted to identify certain components in these philosophies that best suit the present nursing realities in cancer care, especially regarding ethical and moral practices. From the analysis, Kant identified strategic issues that are directed toward strengthening the oncology nurse’s commitments to the patients with cancer.

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