Impact of profession and diet–type on human oxidative stress status

Impact of profession and diet–type on human oxidative stress status

Author by Dr. Godswill Anyasor

Journal/Publisher: Current Research Journal Of Biological Sciences

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 214 - 216


Evidences have shown that diet-type is associated with the level of oxidative stress; however, report
on the impact of professional status on oxidative stress level is scanty. The present study assessed the impact
of profession and diet-type on human oxidative stress status using self-administered structured questionnaires.
A total of three hundred questionnaires were administered to volunteers from management, sciences, and
education disciplines. Results indicated some degree of low, moderate and high oxidative stress in individuals
from the three professions studied. However, respondents from education (19.2%) showed low oxidative stress
risk compared to those in sciences (14.9%) and management (9.6%). Furthermore, under moderate risk
category, respondents from management, education and sciences showed moderate oxidative stress of 65.4%,
66.2 and 70.3% respectively. Nevertheless, in the high oxidative stress category, respondents from management
profession (25%) showed high risk oxidative damage compared to those from sciences (14.9%) and education
(14.7%). The study also showed that high percentage of vegetarians in the study groups were within low and
moderate risk categories. This is an implication that profession and diet-type may contribute significantly to
the level of human oxidative stress.

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