"Recent Developments in Consumer Protection in Nigeria"

"Recent Developments in Consumer Protection in Nigeria"

Author by Dr. Olubukola Olugasa

Journal/Publisher: Proceedings Of The 49th Annual Conference Of The Nigerian Association Of Law Teachers

Volume/Edition: 49

Language: English

Pages: 160 - 172


Consumer protection laws have been necessitated by the imbalance of power relations between producers and consumer s of goods. The quest for excess profit and the ‘get rich quick syndrome’ e specially in developing countries have led most business owners to engage in unethical processes /practices which have exposed consumers to exploitation beyond imagination. To curb this anomaly, regulations were put in place by government s of most countries to enhance consumer protection and establish be st practices for delivering goods and services to consumer s . Subsequently, Consumer Protection Council was established in Nigeria to adopt measures in protecting consumers from exploitation , manipulation and harm . The aim of this paper is to high light the role of Consumer Protection Council in Nigeria, whilst gi ving a critical consideration to recent development s and challenges to enhancing consumer protection in Nigeria and recommending possible solutions . Key Words: Consumer, consumerism, consumer prot ection, consumer protection law

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