The Problem areas and its impact in Production System.

The Problem areas and its impact in Production System.

Author by Dr. Margret Kabuoh

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Development Strategies In Humanities, Management & Social Sciencec

Volume/Edition: 7

Language: English

Pages: 12 - 21


The main objective of this paper was to look at the problem areas in production system. The discussion was based on content analysis of existing literature. In doing this, the meaning of the production system, its elements, types of production system (the continuous, intermittent and repetitive) its scope, criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of production system, and the problem areas were looked into. The study came into conclusion by explaining the close interdependence among the three principal problems of capacity management, scheduling and inventory management by explaining how decisions made in one will have a direct impact on performance in the others. Such interdependence is less evident in the other problem areas, a fact which tends to ‘underline’ the central importance of these three problem areas in the management of operations. In many respects, the problems of inventory management and scheduling are subsidiary to the problem of capacity management while capacity management decisions will determine how the operating system accommodates customer demand level fluctuations. When these problems are properly addressed, it will end Africa’s dependency on developed countries for problems associated with their production areas and lessen its impact in production system.

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