Working environment and employees’ job satisfaction in Nigerian banks.

Working environment and employees’ job satisfaction in Nigerian banks.

Author by Dr. Margret Kabuoh

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Development Strategies In Humanities, Management & Social Sciencec

Volume/Edition: 7

Language: English

Pages: 60 - 71


The search for greener pasture by bank workers from one bank to the other may be attributed to poor working environment leading to non-job satisfaction which has posed a serious challenge to bank management as it is easy to retain existing employee than to hire a new one. This survey investigates the effect of working environment on employees’ job satisfaction measured by career growth in ten selected Nigerian banks. Survey research design was adopted with structured modified Likert type questionnaire administered to 2,015 management staff of the ten selected banks but 1,713 copies of the questionnaire came correctly and were used for the study.   The data collected were analyzed using regression analysis. Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) was the statistical software technique used for the analysis.  Result shows positive effect of working environment on career growth indicating employee job satisfaction. We therefore recommend improvement on working environment that will enhance job satisfaction and career growth which invariably contribute to employment retention, enhanced productivity and economic development.

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