Synergies from the History of Earth and Philosophy of Science.

Synergies from the History of Earth and Philosophy of Science.

Author by Dr. Olutayo Shokunbi

Journal/Publisher: Positive Press

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 77


This textbook was written with the objective of focusing on the history and philosophy of science. The book presents the true account of the origin of the earth in the midst of many conflicting opinions and theories.
The thorough examination and discussion of the creationist and evolutionist approach to the study of the origin of species makes this book unique, important and an interesting literature for scientist and theologians who are interested in keeping God and science in perspective. Many questions bordering on scientific theory and integrity, evolution theories and Darwinism are answered in this text in a simplified approach and with sufficient examples and historical support.
This first edition of the book is a compilation of the research and teaching experience of scholars from various relevant fields who have come together to co-author this book. This has made the book to pass for an informational and educational material for students offering philosophy of science and allied subjects either at the undergraduate or graduate levels for general or core courses. The presentation is in simple language and follows the contents of the curriculum.
Chapter one of this book provides a general overview of the scientific method. A discussion of a very fundamental issue connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language is done in chapter two while reviewing philosophical doctrines. Chapter three takes the reader through the history of science from Greek science of the fifth century BC to the golden age of science of the nineteenth century till present day. In chapter four, the theory of evolution is detailed paying special attention to microevolution and macroevolution. Chapter five, the last chapter, provides a succinct discussion on geologic column, fossil records and scientific dating.

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