Organisational profitability and public relations: case of Cadbury Nigeria’s Plc.

Organisational profitability and public relations: case of Cadbury Nigeria’s Plc.

Author by Dr. Margret Kabuoh

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Advanced Research In Social Sciences, Environmental Studies And Technology,

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 79 - 95


The importance of public relations (PR) to any organization cannot be overemphasised. The way an organization relates to the public has a lot to say of such organization especially in the maintenance of corporate image which enhances the realization of set goals and promotes profitability. This study assesses the effect of public relations on increased profitability of Cadbury Nigeria’s Plc.  Both primary and secondary data required for this study were gathered from two sources, the first from a field study and the second from text books, journals and past studies. The population for this study was 195 employees in the marketing and sales department of Cadbury Nigeria plc. Lagos, the sample size derived from the population was 131 but 127 respondents returned their questionnaires. Structured questionnaire was implored for the elicitation of relevant data regarding the respondent’s biodata and study variables. Information generated were analised firstly on percentage and frequency tables and finally hypothesis test was carried out using regression with the aid of statistical package for social science (SPSS). Result indicated there is a significant effect of PR on profitability growth of Cadbury Nigeria’s Plc: the R= 84.2%, R2 = 81.1% which is high and moderate, and t-calculated value is 7.897 which is greater than t-tabulated of 1.984. This study recommends the adoption of PR by organizations as a tool for enhanced profitability.

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