Achieving Business Growth through Sustainable Marketing Strategy.

Achieving Business Growth through Sustainable Marketing Strategy.

Author by Dr. Margret Kabuoh

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Development Strategies In Humanities, Management And Social Science

Volume/Edition: 4

Language: English

Pages: 21 - 42


Most organizations are faced with challenges of business growth and sustainability. Even when
growth is being experienced, there is likely over relaxation by organization' s workers leading to
downward growth and at times business lull due to poor marketing strategies. This study took a
theoretical approach on achieving business growth through sustainable marketing strategy.
Marketing strategies, product life cycle, Growth barriers, integrated marketing and Theoretical
frame work among others were reviewed. Strategies marketers/ managers use to overcome
business growth barriers enhancing sustainability presented a better option. For any
organization to grow and remain in business there must be proper marketing strategy.
Employees must be treated as internal customers; there must be routine audit of company's

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