Literacy about ADHD among primary school teachers in Lagos Nigeria.

Literacy about ADHD among primary school teachers in Lagos Nigeria.

Author by Dr. Increase Adeosun

Journal/Publisher: British Journal Of Medicine And Medical Research

Volume/Edition: 8

Language: English

Pages: 684 - 691


Aim: Teachers have important roles in the identification, referral and management of school

children with Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, their ability to play these

roles is contingent on their depth of knowledge about ADHD. This study assessed literacy about

ADHD in a sample of primary school teachers in Lagos, south-west Nigeria.

Study Design and Methodology: Using a cross-sectional study design, 144 primary school

teachers in Lagos, south-West Nigeria completed a vignette-based questionnaire which assessed

knowledge about symptoms and management of ADHD. The vignette depicted a student with

ADHD based on the DSM-1V diagnostic criteria.

Results: The mean age of the participants was 41.7 (±9.3) years, and 62.5% were females.

 Only 7.6% of the primary school teachers correctly identified the ADHD case vignette. The teachers

predominantly recommended corporal punishment/’serious discipline’ (83.3%) in handling students

with features of ADHD. The usefulness of medications and psychological interventions in ADHD

were recognised by only 9.0% and 16.7% respectively.

Conclusion: There is a low level of ADHD literacy among primary school teachers in Lagos. This

highlights the need for educational interventions to improve knowledge about ADHD among the

school teachers

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