Author by Dr. Adesoga Adefulu

Journal/Publisher: Foundations Of Entteprepenurship

Volume/Edition: 8

Language: English

Pages: 61 - 69


Money is not really the first step in any startup endeavous. The critical issue is the idea generation or establishment of the possibilities for a new venture and the associated features of such business opportunity in terms of its potential economic values, newness of ventures and desirability of the product / services in the environment of operations.

There are different types of opportunities and different factors influence business opportunity identification. Details of these will be discussed in the course of this write up.

Once the venture is created, the next desire of the entrepreneur is to grow the business. The growth in business will take the form of internal or external growth. It is also apposite to mention that there are different strategy for growth or expanding business venture by the entrepreneur. It is equally of essence to mention that growth in business venture are fraught with some challenges the entrepreneur must overcome to actualize his or her growth ambition all these are well outline in this chapter.

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