“Sanctuary Maintenance Culture: A Pattern for African Private Universities.”

“Sanctuary Maintenance Culture: A Pattern for African Private Universities.”

Author by Prof. Afolarin Olutunde Ojewole

Journal/Publisher: Private University Education In Africa: Issues And Challenges

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 500


Maintenance is important in the efficient operation of every institutional infrastructure.  The longevity and usefulness of any infrastructure is determined by the quality of care it receives.  The care given may be affected by factors like the cost, timing, expertise needed and indeed, the will power to do it.  Often times, these variables when neglected become detrimental to the optimal use of the infrastructure. It has been observed that in Africa, lack of maintenance has affected many of the infrastructures in place.  This has extended to even the tertiary institutions of learning.  Premised on the fact that maintenance culture is a moral issue, this work examined some biblical examples of maintenance in some selected passages.  The study exposed the evil of neglect; it highlighted how sometimes there is opposition to attempts to institute a good maintenance culture.  Suggestions were made on how the examples studied will be adapted to institutional situations in Africa.

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