Agro-Enterprises Program and Poverty Reduction: A Church-based Approach.

Agro-Enterprises Program and Poverty Reduction: A Church-based Approach.

Author by Prof. Afolarin Olutunde Ojewole

Journal/Publisher: Asia-africa Journal Of Mission And Ministry

Volume/Edition: 3

Language: English

Pages: 85 - 93


The reality of poverty upon humanity, in Africa especially, is present and visible.  Poverty is no respecter of religious creed, ideology or lack of it.  Since religious people are humans, they are subject to the scourge of poverty and its attendant discomforts. Different religions have reacted to poverty in different ways.  Some have accepted and accommodated it by even ascribing virtue to it.  Others have simply resigned to it while some have taken concrete steps to fight it. Writing from a Christian worldview, this paper studies and highlights efforts made by some Christian religious bodies to reduce poverty among their members through agro-enterprises. It tries to establish a connection between agriculture and poverty reduction using a faith based approach.  Biblical warrants for such initiatives are examined in order to emphasize the pertinence of the venture.  Recommendations are made for Christian organizations, churches especially, to consider agribusiness as a tool for poverty reduction.

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