Continuing Education in the Ministerial Profession

Continuing Education in the Ministerial Profession

Author by Dr. Abiodun Adesegun

Language: English


ABSTRACT—Education is an issue taken seriously by virtually all nations of the world because it is considered the bedrock of development. Just as it is within the larger society, so also it is within the ministerial profession. For the church, it has led to the founding of many formal ministerial training institutions. However, it is observed that while the church is pulling its weight in the area of formal training through the many theological institutions, it is deficient in the area of continuing education otherwise referred to as lifelong education. Most of the time, church ministers are left to weather the storm with their formal seminary education, which often proved inadequate at some future times or in times of emergency, due to many factors, among which are the changing nature of ministry. This paper therefore discusses the need for lifelong education among church ministers, emphasizing its benefits and the contributions which the church should be making in this direction.

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