Methodist Education in Sagamu, Nigeria: A History (1946-2012)

Methodist Education in Sagamu, Nigeria: A History (1946-2012)

Author by Dr. Abiodun Adesegun

Language: English


The Methodist educational system is a “faith-based non-profit faith based endeavor committed to renewal of life and transformation of society” (Ajayi, 1976). It is an educational system that projects a rare kind of arrangement in the history of Sagamu in Nigeria, West Africa. This co-educational system in West Africa is synonymous with the coming of the Methodists Missionary Enterprise into Sagamu, Remo Division around mid 20th Century, under the Colony of Lagos in Nigeria. It manifested in the founding of Remo Secondary School which was a joint enterprise between the Orthodox Methodist Movement and a community of Muslims in Sagamu, Ogun State Nigeria. This paper examines the historical foundation of the first Secondary school in Sagamu and by implication the whole of Remo division of Ogun state in southwestern Nigeria as well as it prospects and challenges.

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