Modeling Diffusion Problems via Graph-based Structure (GBS)

Modeling Diffusion Problems via Graph-based Structure (GBS)

Author by Dr. Oluwaseun Ebiesuwa

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Computer Applications

Volume/Edition: 139

Language: English

Pages: 29 - 35


Academics carry out research studies periodically that they need to report. Various problem arise during the course of these studies ranging from proper comprehension of the task or domain problem, its sensitivity and failure analysis via model creation, its visual result representation and its other ecstatic that help the proposed model to be easily readable, understandable and implemented. In modeling, a researcher may seek underlying relations or data feats of interest between observed versus computed data and/or values, from statistical perspective or vantage point. This study aims to discuss and unveil modeling a problem from a graph-based perspective as well as highlighting some of the feats for analysis.

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