Author by Dr. Goodseed Ochulor

Journal/Publisher: None

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 128




The reason for this book is to reinforce the need to be a better writer and speaker in particular contexts.  Writing and speaking rudiments are put together in this book to help all writers and speakers of English language in various areas of enterprise to come to terms with the appropriate and standard ways of writing and speaking.

The chapters are organized in ways to provide adequate steps to anyone who whishes to embark on any form of writing or speaking. Chapters one and two provides a general introduction to the writing process and writing requirements. Chapter three deals with the technicalities of writing while chapter four expounds on the different essay types and other forms of writing.

Chapters five to ten develop special or technical forms of writing. Attention is paid to concerns in report writing, minute writing, letter writing, business letters language use in business communication, interviews, curriculum vitae, letter of application, articles, proposals etc.

Chapters eleven and twelve provide a general introduction to speech making, types and approaches. Chapters thirteen to sixteen switched to varieties of English:  British, American, Nigerian, Sexist, Old and Modern, Englishes.



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