The Future of History Academic Discipline: Its Professional Relevance and challenges

The Future of History Academic Discipline: Its Professional Relevance and challenges

Author by Dr. Alexander Ugwukah

Journal/Publisher: Book

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 457 - 476


The importance of History as an academic discipline has been subject to criticism regarding its potentiality to fill the employment gap for its students and professionals thereafter their course of study. It is no longer a hidden fact that the study of history as an academic discipline has been dwindling in the recent times in term of admission and that university students prefer other courses to which they believe could guarantee their future in the lobour market. To reasonable extent, the study discovered that governments have neglected the development of Historical Studies from the secondary level which as bee the root cause of the degenerating state of historical studies at the University level and in higher institutions. In light of these realities, this research attempts a pondering into the past of history, the curriculum package of History presently and what these course contents portend for the future of potential student of History in terms of a guaranteed future after their course of study. The study adopted the descriptive survey methodology as well made recourse to a wide variety of sources from the internet, interviews with professional historians and academicians, most importantly reaction from past graduates of History who are now into the professional callings. The findings of the study however reveal that despite the gradual waning in students’ enrolment in History as a discipline, graduates of History and International Studies have always found their relevance in the outer world; not necessarily as teachers or lecturers of History. The difficulties discovered from the findings is that is that more should be done by the fathers and stakeholders of History to look deeply into the discipline and determine students before, during their course of study and thereafter what is likely to be their fate in the employment world after their conclude their programmes. The research therefore concludes that it is only by looking inwards by improving the course contents through practical innovations, seminars, joint dialogue by the historical society of Nigeria with employers out there to actually distinguish what real-life potentialities abound for students, that the future of History as an academic discipline can be guaranteed.            


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