Functional Cohesion Metric for Object Oriented Systems

Functional Cohesion Metric for Object Oriented Systems

Author by Dr. Olubukola Adekola

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Theoretical And Applied Information Technology

Volume/Edition: 96

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 15


Controlling software development process aids ensuring the quality of the output, but this is dependent upon availability of means of measurement. A major concern that makes software difficult to maintain or reuse is the complexity of the internal design and the most common to Object-Oriented Design (OOD) are cohesion and coupling. Traditional metrics could not scale in measuring cohesion in object oriented systems. Existing static cohesion metrics (for OOD) using variable-method and method-method interactions are satisfactory, but neglect semantic aspects of the software. On the other hand, existing semantic and joint static and semantic cohesion metrics fall short by relying on analysis of identifiers and comments, which are unstructured data with known setbacks. This study, therefore, developed a static and semantic functional cohesion metric that employed data hiding and object behaviour as a representation of OOD domain concept.


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