Perception of mentoring of academic librarians in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Perception of mentoring of academic librarians in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Author by Dr. Ezinwayi Madukoma

Journal/Publisher: International Research Journal In Information Resources And Knowledge Management (irjirkm)

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 60 - 70


Mentoring supplements professional training of librarians as it promotes skills  acquisition for improved performance and possible success in one’s career. In the available literature, perhaps there are few empirical studies on academic librarians’ perception of mentoring in selected academic libraries in ogun state. The study adopted survey research design. The population comprised 74 academic librarians in selected academic libraries in Ogun State. Total enumeration technique was adopted to cover all the 74 academic librarians. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The study had a 70% response rate. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study established that mentoring relationship exist among academic librarians in Ogun State. However, the mentoring relationship among academic librarians operates mostly in an informal manner. Also, 65% of the respondents perceived their mentoring relation as being good. Further, academic librarians perceived that the purpose for mentoring is majorly for improvement in career and performance of job. The study concluded that academic librarians are actively involved in the mentoring activity. This plays a positive role in ensuring improved skills s and possible success in their career. It therefore recommends that mentors and mentees should explore all forms of mentoring so as to maximize the benefits mentoring experience offers. Furthermore, library administrators should establish mentoring programmes for employee development through skills s acquisition and consequent success in career.

Keyword:  Mentoring, Academic Librarian, Mentor, Mentee and academic libraries.

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