Biochemical Effects of Some Traditional Nigerian.

Biochemical Effects of Some Traditional Nigerian.

Author by Dr. Ime Ani

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Biochemistry Research

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 70 - 77


Diet, besides its simplicity and affordability, has been clinically recommended as the first

line of intervention in type 2 diabetes. However, compliance with the so-called diabetic diet

has been notoriously poor, mostly because the social and cultural aspects of eating as well

as the degree of difficulty involved in entrenching permanent changes in diet have greatly

been underestimated. The present study therefore evaluated the suitability of some

traditional Nigerian diets namely Garri with afang soup (GAS), pounded yam with edikang

ikong soup (PYES) and ekpang nkukwo (EN) in alloxan diabetic rats. 15-day feeding with

GAS and PYES respectively reduced (P<0>

25.19%, compared to the reference diet, plantain with beans (37.22%). The glucose

lowering effect of EN was however, not significant. Except GAS, the effect of the test diets

on serum lipid profile was similar and comparable to the reference diet. Further, the impact

on serum biochemical indices - ?-carotene, total protein, albumin, urea and creatinine,

though not dramatic, was not different from the reference diet, except serum ?-carotene

that was higher in the reference diet-fed animals than others (P<0>

these results suggest that the studied diets, can potentially offer the patients the needed

dietary diversification in diabetes management.


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