Hypoglycaemic Effect and Proximate.

Hypoglycaemic Effect and Proximate.

Author by Dr. Ime Ani

Journal/Publisher: European Journal Of Food Research & Review

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 94 - 101


Selected traditional Nigerian diets: Garri with afang soup, pounded yam with edikang ikong

soup and ekpang nkukwo alongside a reference diet, plantain with beans porridge, were

investigated for their efficacy for use in management of diabetes mellitus. The proximate

composition of the diets was analysed using standard methods and thereafter fed to

alloxanized rats for 15 days, while monitoring the changes in weight and blood glucose.

Fasting blood glucose (FBG) results was significantly reduced (p<0>

upon feeding garri with afang soup (25.61%) and pounded yam with edikang ekong soup

(25.19%) relative to the diabetic control (5.19%). These reductions compared well with the

reference diet, although its extent of glycaemic control was higher (37.22%). Body and

relative liver weight changes over the period animals received the traditional diets were not

significantly different (p>0.05) from that of the reference diet. Whereas the proximate

composition components including crude proteins, fibre, ash and carbohydrate were not

significantly different (p>0.05) compared to the reference diet; only crude fat and hence

caloric value was significantly higher (p<0>

traditional diets. From the results of this investigation, it is clear that the traditional diets

studied can be effective in glycaemic control, hence could serve as effective substitutes for plantain with beans, usually recommended by health care givers.

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