Smart Classroom A Panacea for Effective ICT based Instructional Practice in Medical Colleges

Smart Classroom A Panacea for Effective ICT based Instructional Practice in Medical Colleges

Author by John Henry Chukwudi

Journal/Publisher: Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Intelligent Computing And Emerging Technologies Theme: Emerging Trends In It For Wealth Creation And Sustainable Economy

Volume/Edition: 2

Language: English

Pages: 9 - 15


Technological advancements of this era have revolutionized every field of life. Teaching is no exception. ICT-based instructional practices has noticeably paved its way into the profession of pedagogy. The advent of smart classroom has turned classroom learning environment into the high-tech content, which creates an interactive classroom teaching efficiency for teachers and students in learning situations, promote the students' active learning and cooperative learning, and then improve the efficiency and results of the medical curriculum teaching. Best global practices have been emphasized in medicine and other professions. Therefore, Medical colleges are supposed to be driven by this best global practices which are based on research and innovations. One of such innovations is the Smart Classroom for ICT-based instructional practices which requires a teaching space, a variety of modern equipment, software and hardware technologies, and advanced educational philosophy of teaching.

     This study describes how ICT-Based instructional practice in a smart classroom can create an effective teaching- learning process in medical colleges. The study also proposed a smart classroom integration model and the strategic ways to adopt it.

To this end, the study went further to proffer some recommendations that will help improve this approach as follows; the university authority should provide constant source of electricity, a conducive environment for learning and make sure that adequate training is given to medical lecturers, clinical instructors, laboratory technologist and even students in the use of modern teaching and learning aids

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