Cloud Computing: An Overview of Data Security Issues.

Cloud Computing: An Overview of Data Security Issues.

Author by Dr. Ayokunle Omotunde

Journal/Publisher: Communications On Applied Electronics (cae)

Volume/Edition: 5

Language: English

Pages: 14 - 19


Cloud computing can be explained as a technology that enables user access to computing services over a network, different technologies have been existing over the years bearing a canny resemblance to what is termed “Cloud Computing” today, and these technologies have helped to shape its functionalities. Security is a fundamental factor that affects each and every field of study of which cloud computing is not exempted. Delivering computing resources over a network usually the Internet, creates problems associated with protecting information from unauthorized and malicious persons. The implementation of the cloud for infrastructure provides facilities such as data storage, servers and operating systems, which could result in unauthorized access to important information on the cloud. This can lead to data manipulation, data loss and breach of privacy. This paper provides an insight into the field of cloud computing, with discussions on issues related to data security.

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