Nigeria: many programmes, many media, many poor

Nigeria: many programmes, many media, many poor

Author by Sodeinde Oluwaseyi Adewunmi

Journal/Publisher: International Journal Of Applied Research

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 793 - 798


The purpose of this study was to x-ray some developmental programmes targeted at poverty alleviation
of past Nigerian governments both Military and Civilian. Also, to find out why poverty still thrives in
Nigeria despite such laudable programmes such as the Operation Feed the Nation, NEEDS, DFFRI
among others. One problem that has been identified is the problem of continuity among successive
governments. When a new government comes into power then the projects/programmes of the previous
government become a forgotten issue. The role of the media have been identified as important to the
continuity of such programmes and to hold government accountable for areas where they have given
citizens false hope and have failed. The media are saddled with the responsibility of promoting
development policies and winning the acceptance of the citizenry for such policies. Thus, the media
should shift from traditional journalism to development journalism; government and relevant agencies
should make information accessible to the media to help them fulfil their watchdog role and stringent
measures should be put in place to ensure that only qualified people benefit from such programmes.
Above all, government is continuous and poverty alleviation programmes irrespective of the originator
should be continuous too.

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