Effects of Virgin Coconut Oil on Aluminium Chloride-Induced Alzheimer-Like Dementia in the Prefrontal Cortex

Effects of Virgin Coconut Oil on Aluminium Chloride-Induced Alzheimer-Like Dementia in the Prefrontal Cortex

Author by Mr. John Afees Olanrewaju

Journal/Publisher: Ournal Of Advances In Medical And Pharmaceutical Sciences

Volume/Edition: 18

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 18



The aim of this investigation is to study the effect of virgin coconut oil on the prefrontal

cortex upon aluminium chloride


induced Alzheimer


likes dementia.



and Methodology:



eight (28) adult male Wistar rats were used and were

randomly assigned into four groups:


A: Considered to be the control group which took water and food daily.


B: Virgin coconut oil treated group, were administered virgin coconut oil o

rally with 1700

mg/kg BW for 42 days.


C: Aluminium chloride treated group, were administered Aluminium chloride orally with 200

mg/kg BW for 42 days.


D: Aluminium chloride + virgin coconut oil treated group, the Wistar rats were administered


luminium chloride orally with 200 mg/BW for 21 days and then virgin coconut oil orally with 1700

mg/BW for the next 21 days.

The neurobehavioural investigation was done after the experiment to evaluate learning and

memory using Barnes Maze. Animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation. The whole brain was

carefully excised from the skull. Prefrontal cortex was removed and fixed in 10% formal saline for

histological analysis which includes H&E stain for general histoarchitecture and Cresyl fast violet


Nissl substance.

Place and Duration of Study:

The study was done in Babcock University and approved by the

Babcock University Ethics commission (BUHREC) with the BUHREC number 672/16. The

experiment took the total of 45



Neurobehavioral stud

y revealed a significant high latency in the animals treated with

Aluminium chloride when compared with control and other treated groups

H &E technique, as well as Cresyl

fast violet, did not show any observable altered morphological

presentation in the control and VCO treated groups. Also, a cellular density between the control

and virgin coconut oil group appears normal across the cortical layers with appreciable spines


neuronal projections. The Aluminium chloride treated group induced degenerative changes in the

cortex and was characterized by fragmented pyramidal and granule cell layer with observable

pyknotic cells. Also, there was a comparatively increased cell density in the cortical layers of the

VCO and Aluminium chloride + VCO treated groups.


Findings from this study support the view that, virgin coconut oil has ameliorative

effects which

neutralize the adverse effect of Aluminum chloride and tried

to restore the integrity of

the prefrontal cortex

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