Nigeria Youths: Major Contributor to ICT Tools or Major Consumers of ICT?

Nigeria Youths: Major Contributor to ICT Tools or Major Consumers of ICT?

Author by Dr. Chigozirim Ajaegbu

Journal/Publisher: Nigeria Computer Society

Volume/Edition: 25

Language: English

Pages: 46 - 54


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools have been widely adopted by Nigeria youths; various tools have been integrated into their daily life, either for communication, research, networking, social activities or any other purpose including academics. As much as these tools are embraced by the youths, interest in inventing or contributing to the existing technology is not high among them. This research takes a look at the rate of youth’s interest in contributing to the existing ICT tools. The study was conducted in one of the Nigerian private universities and employed the survey form of research where copies of questionnaire were used as the research tool. A stratified sampling technique was used across all the levels of their computer science department with a total population of 1030 and a sample size of 3/5 was considered. The analysis of the research was carried out using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). SPSS was used to analyse the gathered data. The result showed that despite the exposure of our youth to ICT at early age, their passion for ICT and desire to be known for an invention, they still fall majorly under the class of consumers of ICT rather than creators.  This is a situation that needs to be addressed by government of Nigeria, educational institutions, ICT based organisations as the youths are the future of any nation.

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