Newspapers Coverage of Child Domestic Labour in Nigeria:

Newspapers Coverage of Child Domestic Labour in Nigeria:

Author by Dr. Oguchi Ajaegbu

Journal/Publisher: Crutech Journal Of Communication

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 75 - 88


This study explores the domestic service in private households; children in this situation are regarded as the world’s most forgotten children because no one knows what happens to them behind huge fences and gates. The study was hinged on two theories- Agenda-setting, framing theory. This study adopted the quantitative content analysis method. Three newspapers- The Punch, The Guardian, and The Sun were chosen for a period of five years from 2010 to 2014. The 5-year period is to determine the consistency in coverage and depth. The study used the multistage sampling technique and the constructed week sampling. 140 editions were studied totalling 420 editions for the three newspapers. The content categories for this study were: Prominence, Space, Genre/Forms of coverage, Frame type. It was discovered that only six reports were found on child domestic work. Three reports were covered in straight news format while three in features. None of the reports were given prominence as all were inside the newspapers. Based on framing, three reports were framed episodically and three thematically. In conclusion, the newspapers did not give sufficient coverage to child domestic work and did not consider the issue important enough to place the reports in prominent position. Reporters should be more intentional about engaging in investigative reporting and give their stories a broader perspective seeking a collective solution.

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