Achieving Modified Bloom’s Taxonomy with the Zolla Class Management and Learning Software

Achieving Modified Bloom’s Taxonomy with the Zolla Class Management and Learning Software

Author by Michael Osigbemeh

Journal/Publisher: African Journal Of Computing & Ict

Volume/Edition: 8

Language: English

Pages: 9 - 16


The paper presents critical implications that can help characterize modern classroom delivery, ensure active student participation with possibility for interactive evaluation based on e-learning tools. The authors achieved full cognitive plausibility in teaching intent based on STEM subjects with the Zolla software. The presentation and class management software which was designed and built by the authors, and which is comparable to a fusion of MS Power Point and Windows executable or program file was designed for attainment of the modified Blooms Taxonomy in science classroom. As present day students’ distraction to learning and the fact that students are exposed to an avalanche of materials and contents online, thus necessitating the dependences of teachers on ICT based tools in knowledge delivery in the classroom. Also, as today’s world is permanently and uniquely a challenge to all facet of everyday life, pedagogues are always under pressure to develop and deliver adequate course contents, teach, research, publish, socialize and maintain a family life, thus making this tool a valuable source to aid teaching intent, given the little available time for learning. A paradigm shift from unrealistic and unachievable goals of traditional teaching methods to a result focused and interactive model for teaching and learning was achieved by this work, with the model verifiable by the modified Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognitive domain. This work fulfils a need in modern learning and enhanced teaching practice.

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