Africa’s Political Leadership on Tattoo Parade

Africa’s Political Leadership on Tattoo Parade

Author by Dr. Aaron Ogundiwin

Journal/Publisher: Issues In Conflict, Peace And Government

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 62 - 74


In this chapter we explore the perception of political leadership. We argue strongly that due to leadership deficit, various post-colonial states in Africa lack integrative ingredients that hold a nation together. These ingredients include resilient political institutions, efficient public servants, national education that has character development as its objectives and economic ties. Sequel to the above the political class has since deployed, almost, institutionalized corruption as a means of human exchange, and there does not seem to be much that can be done about it. Thus, the socio-economic cum political environment has been dangerously permeated by the culture of impunity, cultural irresponsibility and rascality of the elite and unpunished criminality. These have no doubt, checkmated national development. The problem highlighted above is a corollary of the phenomenon of globalization which itself is a cognomen for neo-imperialism. The former bequeathed which to the new state, a leadership that suffered from both philosophical and ideological barrenness, abinitio. Even now, African leadership is still undergoing tutelage in as much as it depends on the West for its political policies. The foregoing instigates or predisposes the state to anarchy, insurgency, rebellion, terrorism, and or outright war as Central African Republic (CAR) now.

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