An Exegetical Study of Micah 6:8: As Recipe for Social Justice in Nigeria

An Exegetical Study of Micah 6:8: As Recipe for Social Justice in Nigeria

Author by Dr. Theodore Uchechkwu Dickson

Journal/Publisher: African Journal For Biblical Studies, University Of Ibadan

Volume/Edition: 29

Language: English

Pages: 76 - 98


Social injustice is the subversion of societal benefits by custodians and other agencies in the society. Such act is an offence against God and humanity. Overwhelmed by the burden of social injustice in his days, Micah prescribes lasting solution to institutionalized corruption.  An exegetical study of Micah 6:8 affirms that as opposed to flamboyant leadership and superficial worship, the prophet calls for justice, mercy and humility in the daily interactions of government and the common people. Such principle must be rooted in the eternal justice of the Golden Rule which requires that we do to others as we wish they do to us. This the study reveals is only possible as leaders and policy makers, merchants and all inculcate the fear of God which culminates in humility and compassion in our relationship with others. The study notes that the social ills in Micah’s days are evident in Nigeria. In the face of abundant natural resources, the common Nigerian still wallows in poverty. Social injustice rooted in corruption permeates every fabric of the Nigerian system making every attempt toward change impossible. It is believed that when Nigerian leaders, merchants and the community imbibe true justice, mercy and humility in their daily transactions the society will be transformed and the common people will receive the desired benefits.


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