Business Ethics in the Book of Amos vis-à-vis the Nigerian Business Milieu

Business Ethics in the Book of Amos vis-à-vis the Nigerian Business Milieu

Author by Joseph Ackah-miezah

Journal/Publisher: Babcock Journal Of Management And Social Sciences

Volume/Edition: 9

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 16


A critical examination of the business trends in Nigeria no doubt suggest a variety of challenging factors militating against the economy that have hindered the government, stakeholders, manufacturers, distributors, among others from delivering the best to the common people. For instance, the effect of corruption on the Nigerian business milieu could be clearly seen in the onerous task of ridding the society of substandard goods and other controlled/banned substances. The oil, education, agriculture, health, judicial sectors have shared in levels of setbacks, unfulfilled projections and inability to deliver to the common people the huge resources with which the country is endowed. Year after year policies are made, but uncontrolled menace of corruption has remained bane of the Nigerian business milieu. Arguing from a Contextual Biblical Hermeneutics viewpoint (a methodology that engages the socio-economic and political context of the interpreter as its concern), the paper uses business ethics as evident in the book of Amos as benchmark for evaluating the trend of business transactions with the purpose of setting a model for business in Nigeria in order to meet the overall needs of the common people, growth, and development of the nation. Otherwise, business leaders, on the one hand stand the risk of loss and stagnation, while on the other hand, the common people continue to suffer deprivation.


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