Foods That Heal.

Foods That Heal.

Author by Dr. Alice Bello

Journal/Publisher: Casson Magazine

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 18 - 19


 In as much as it is globally accepted that "Health is wealth" , likewise nature constantly prove that 'food is life.' Without any argument .or doubt, it is glaring to all living souls that food is an essential prerequisite for life. Primarily, when food is consumed in the right proportion and mariner, it enables the body function normally and supply adequate energy (in form of calories) to the body system. It also enables human beings perform as many activities as life demands of .them. Nevertheless, one must be conscious of the facts that man should not live by bread alone, rather one should eat to live and not live to eat. There is, therefore, the need for all to consider other properties of food of which one of them is healing. As counsellors and co-workers with the saviour of the world, the (Master Counselor as the scripture puts it) one should have good knowledge of the healing power of food. This would enable counsellors and  clients  receive natural healing from food and avert avoidable health hazards. Hence the reason for this write-up on ‘foods that heal'


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