Envisioning Effective Public Service In Nigeria: The Marketing Option

Envisioning Effective Public Service In Nigeria: The Marketing Option

Author by Dr. Olubisi Makinde

Journal/Publisher: Journal Of Research In Business And Management

Volume/Edition: 6

Language: English

Pages: 62 - 71


The civil service is the sector of the Nagerian nation saddled with the responsibility of implement government policies and serving the citizensry in diverse forms. However, despite importance of this particular section, many people who have reasons to seek for one service or the other from this important section have had one negative story or the other to tell. An average Nigerian sees the civil service as an embodiment of incompetent and inefficient sector. This article evaluates how the marketing option can be a solution to the inefficiency in the civil service. It was discovered that the marketing option through the adoption of the SERVQUAL model has been of benefit to many service industries and can also be of benefit to the civil service in Nigeria. A model has been proposed for adoption in the civil service to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction while stressing both internal and external service qualities. It is recommended that internal service quality and external service quality should be enhanced so that workers and customers alike will be satisfied. Productivity on the employees depends in internal service quality while customer satisfaction will be enhanced through external service quality.

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