Essay Writing

Essay Writing

Author by Dr. Comfort Oyinloye

Journal/Publisher: Freeman Books

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 67 - 75


This paper investigated the relationship between gender, home background and socio-economic status, and secondary school students’ achievement in and attitude to oral proficiency in English. The study is made up of 198 subjects drawn randomly five junior secondary schools in Ibadan North Local Government Area, Ibadan. Two questionnaires were used to collect data from the students on their attitude to oral English and the language use at home. The study lasted four weeks. The results showed that the language use at home, the home background of the learner, gender and education of parents, put together have a positive relationship with learners’ achievement in and attitude to oral proficiency in English. But, gender alone has nothing to do with learners’ achievement, provided both boys and girls are exposed to the same learning opportunities. The study emphasized that teachers should enrich their classrooms with learning materials to fill in the gap between the home and the school. Learners also should inculcate the habit of listening to foreign news, watch foreign films so that what is taught in the school would be complemented at home.

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