Managing Workforce Diversity: A Medico Social Perspective

Managing Workforce Diversity: A Medico Social Perspective

Author by Dr. Jane Adebusuyi

Journal/Publisher: Penthouse Publications Nigeria

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 99 - 111


The paper discusses the Management of Workforce Diversity from a Medico-Social perspective.


The author acknowledges the heterogeneous nature of the contemporary society and the implication of this diversity.  Diversity in the work place is considered a contentious issue.  Advantages and disadvantages of diversity are highlighted with reference to previous studies.


Emphasis is placed on diversity in the hospital, with reference to the indices i.e professionalism, gender, ages, ethnicity and religion.  “Diversity management” I ands conceptualized special reference is made to the Social Work Profession, noted for being culturally competent and respecting diversity. Strategies for diversity management are suggested

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