The Drama of Holiness in African Churches

The Drama of Holiness in African Churches

Author by Dr. Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare

Journal/Publisher: Christ Coming Books

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 11 - 31


 ‘Contemporary Christianity: Practise, Relevance and Responses’


There is a general complaint about the dearth of serious literature in Christianity that addresses the begging issues that seem like disrupting the faith of her adherents based on research and reflection. Some issues as Longevity, Governance, Parenting, holiness and basic church traditions among others are clearly discussed. These issues bring change and continuity to the church as viewed by varied denominations as the Orthodox, Protestants and the Pentecostals. This book seeks to meet with the urgent need by some twenty eminent scholars and professionals through thorough, balance, objective and respect to professional canon of practice in presentation from the past, present and the future.

Nevertheless, these questions below gauge the minds through the eighteen chapters of the book.  Can Christians truly overcome sins for holiness? How can we draw a line between Christian practice and African culture? Can there be a revival without being in a dead status? How can we understand and identify the best leadership pattern and Governance? Can someone be in the church yet sick though the church is, supposedly, a healing centre? How can one identify the contemporary nightmare in parenting? Why do great men fall? Do we need legal services in the churches? Can conflicts be Christian? How can we handle rightly Christian education in Nigeria? Do the dead come visiting their relatives? Why Christians go to early grave? What are the secrets to longevity? How do we find peace in an uncertain world among others? This book used the descriptive and analytical methodologies.

The book, ‘Contemporary Christianity: Practice, Relevance and Responses’ is relevant to all readers, academic, professionals and lay readers who have interest in issues related to the church. General readers will find it illuminating and satisfying. The book concludes and makes varied suggestions that will enhance every Christian’s belief and growth, if adhered to, in Christendom.


Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare, M.A. Religion (Biblical and Theological Studies), M.A. History (African History), PhD (History of Christianity in Africa)

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