Introduction to Philosophy and Logic: Critical Thinking Approach

Introduction to Philosophy and Logic: Critical Thinking Approach

Author by Mr. Bankole Filade

Journal/Publisher: Natural Prints Ltd

Volume/Edition: 1

Language: English

Pages: 1 - 123


One thing unique with philosophy is that thought it is a specialized aspect of human endeavor, everyone is involved in it, whether educated or not. Even if you decide not to philosophize on an issue, such decision in itself is in the realm of philosophy/ And you have made a philosophical decision.

The book in your hands, INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC: CRITICAL THINKING APPROACH is an attempt by the authors to produce a simple, straight forward, easy-to-read and understand book that treats various aspects of the subjects in the domain of philosophy so that beginners and non-philosophy professionals will have a first-hand understanding of the contents of the subject. Thus the contents are introductory in setting.

The authors have compressed the various theories and postulations in this volume to help readers be able to answer the barrage of questions asked mostly by non-philosophical professionals especially those who look at philosophy as a way of confusing people and using lies from high sounding words to deceive and defraud.

Various topics in philosophy beginning from the study of the word itself through its historical background to the various activities and attitudes of a philosopher; down to the branches of philosophy; the place of traditional schools of thought and the modern philosophical schools of thought.

The mid-sections of the book focus on the relevance of logic and the instruments the logicians uses in his or her work; the issues of fallacious reasoning and syllogisms are brought into focus while the various kinds of definitions and the making of a critical thinker close the last session of the book.

It is the fervent prayer of the authors that this volume will launch the reader into the realm of philosophy.

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