Counselling Support System with Emphasis on Drug Abuse

Counselling Support System with Emphasis on Drug Abuse

Author by Mr. Ernest Onuiri

Language: English


The use of computers in virtually all aspects of human activities is rapidly expanding. Simplification of activities for both people and organizations alike, by the use of advanced technological procedures and search for various ways to make things easier is fast becoming a norm in this generation. The counselling world is no exception, as various Counselling Support Systems (CSS) can now be found online to provide quality counselling to people via the Internet. In developing countries, the prevalence of drug abusers, lack of adequate counselling professionals, loss/mismanagement of sensitive client records and the un-professional nature of counsellors are some of the reasons why the design of a Counselling Support System (CSS) was designed. In order to achieve all set objectives and fulfil requirements, the Waterfall Model was adopted throughout the phases of development using design tools such as Use Case diagrams to show the functionality of each entity represented in the system and an Entity Relationship Diagram to show the relationship between all entities. The system was implemented using various development tools such as Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) for an attractive, yet easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI), PHP and MySQL for the storage in the database. The counselling support corrects the problems stated earlier by providing a system that is available worldwide 24/7, ensures client confidentiality with adequate security checkpoints in place to promote counselling among drug abusers. The implementation of the support system increases availability of counselling services for drug users, slows down the rate of emerging drug abusers and helps understand new and better ways to help individuals round the world.

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