Intelligent Tourism Management System

Intelligent Tourism Management System

Author by Mr. Ernest Onuiri

Language: English


Access to relevant and accurate information is at the heart of tourism, more so in this era of the Internet information overload has become a prevalent phenomenon and as such a serious issue for those seeking for appropriate information. Furthermore, various researches have been carried out on how to make information on tourism website more effective. Intelligent tourism management system tries to bridge the gap by noting what a tourist perceives as relevant, in terms of content pertaining to tourism products in tourism websites. This study focuses mainly on content because it is seen as the key factor associated with an effective website. Hence, the aim of this research entails the design and implementation of an intelligent platform that will assist tourists in gaining access to information on tourist locations in Nigeria. In view of the forgoing, the system was implemented using Rational Unified Process as the adopted software development process, whereas MySQL, HTML and PHP were the implementation tools used in the development of the system. Upon completion, the system was able to provide information by fetching information from the web pertaining to the subject of interest to assist tourists in decision making process. It was also able to act intelligently by using hybrid recommendation technique to recommend tourist locations based on their preference.

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